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athens georgia commercial real estate companyComfortably hugging the Blue Ridge Mountains, you’ll find the beautiful city of Athens, GA. About 70 miles from Atlanta, this laid back city offers a mix of both the old and new, bringing in fresh faces to the college here as well as those that have grown up in the city. Athens, Georgia is a beautiful community located in the Northern part of the state and one that is swiftly growing year after year. With the University of Georgia here and still going strong, it’s no wonder that local businesses are thriving and new businesses are moving here all the time. As a college town, you will find that the local night life and music scene are thriving. In fact, Rolling Stone named Athens, Georgia as the “#1 College Music Scene in America” – you can’t get much better than that for attracting new business to the city.

On top of the local college scene, you will find plenty of larger businesses here as well. We are home to Hill Street Press, which is an independent publishing company, several well known authors, a thriving aerospace sector, financial companies, hospitals, and so much more. No matter what type of business you are in, you will find not only a thriving community here, but also beautiful Athens, Georgia commercial property to meet your needs.

Your business will certainly grow here in Athens, as you’ll find well over 150,000 residents and growing constantly, giving you a wide base for all types of customers. Athens, GA also offers excellent tax incentives to local businesses, and strives to get new businesses up and running here in the city as well. We can help you find the perfect commercial property in Athens, Georgia and help you with any information you might need about the local Chamber of Commerce and more.

If you’re looking for some great commercial property in Athens, Georgia, we can help. We offer all different types of Athens, Georgia commercial real estate and we can help you find exactly what you need for your growing business. We have plenty of great Athens, Georgia land listings, for any need you might have. If you’re searching for undeveloped land, we can help you find the perfect property. For those looking for different pieces of Athens, Georgia commercial real estate, we have the listings you need. We strive to help our business owners find their dream location here in Athens, and we would love the opportunity to help you as well.

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